Lavorazione Goodyear

Ducal is particularly proud of its Goodyear welt construction. What characterizes Goodyear footwear is the leather insole, which is approximately four millimetres thick, and upon which a strip of leather or “welt” is sewn on by hand and thereafter sewn to the sole. The application of the heel completes the first work phase. Finally the shoe is finished trough milling of sole and heel, grinding and dyeing. At the end of a long and laborious process, the Goodyear method results in a shoe made to last and made to be absolutely balanced and extremely comfortable.

Lavorazione Blake/Rapida

The Blake/Rapida construction involves two seams; the first seam assembling the insole lining and upper with the first sole.The second seam is made on the last and unites the previously sewn parts with the outer sole. Milling, grinding and dyeing complete the construction of the bottom part of the shoe. The result is a shoe of impeccable quality and of long lasting durability.

Lavorazione Blake/Welt

In the Blake construction the last is removed from the shoe; and the welt, the sole, the insole and upper are sewn together using a single seam. The last is reintroduced and the workmanship continues with milling, grinding and dying of the sole and heels. The final result is an extremely comfortable and light shoe.

Lavorazione Norvegese

Like the Goodyear process, the Norvegese construction involves a complicated hand-stitched seam assembling the insole, the upper section, as well as the lining. This visible seam, traditionally in braided form, continues all along the profile of the last. Not only comfortable and durable, this workmanship achieves a particularly appealing and aesthetic effect.

The Leathers

Ducal chooses only the highest quality leathers from the finest French and Italian tanneries. The leather used for the sole is strictly Tuscan and has been carefully and slowly tanned. Particular care is reserved for the finishing touches on the upper, where a beeswax cream is applied bringing a final result of natural shine and transparency.

Production video